Frigate Bay Beach Nourishment

BASSETERRE Sept 17th, 2020 (Ministry of Tourism): The general public is advised that the Ministry of Tourism, Transportation and Ports will be mobilizing shortly to conduct a beach nourishment exercise at Frigate Bay Beach, which will require the transportation of boulders along the island main road and the use of heavy equipment on and offshore at the venue.

We therefore appeal to all concerned to be vigilant, to cooperate with all personnel and to comply with all signs and instructions posted at the venue. Fishers, other mariners, and water sports enthusiasts are also strongly discouraged from engaging in activities, including anchorage of vessels, in the dredging area or other areas immediately within the worksite.

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced during the 6 to 8-week construction period and look forward to a more spacious and better protected stretch of beach when the exercise is completed; to the benefit of all patrons, businesses at the venue and our tourism product as a whole.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the weeks ahead.

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