Garden Hot Spurs Now Sponsored by Hobson Enterprises

Ras Dabu Penny signing Sponsor Agreement as Managing Director of Hobson Enterprises, Damion Hobson (R) looks on and Dexter Tyrell, (L) Manager of SKNFA Secretariat, witnesses the event

Basseterre, St. Kitts, Thursday 25th April, 2013, – The oldest sports club in St. Kitts and Nevis, Garden Hotspurs, on Tuesday formally announced its new corporate and title sponsor for the 2013 football season.

The announcement was made during a press conference with top officials of the club and senior executives of the sponsor, Hobson Enterprises, which is the leading shipping agency in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“Today, we publicly announce that Hobson Enterprises has agreed to sponsor the Garden Hot Spurs for the 2013 Season and we look forward to remaining as a key corporate partner for many years to come. In total, we are initially providing over $16,000.00 in support.

From this amount $11,000 is in an immediate cash disbursement; but we are also providing over $5,000 for a washing machine that is much needed to help the club in the difficult and costly task of washing and preparing the team uniforms on a weekly basis,” said the Managing Director, Mr. Damion Hobson.

Hobson Enterprises has also pledged further assistance for selected annual programs and activities of the club, especially those that are designed to lift the overall standards. The managing Director said that in addition “we are committed to supporting training programs, and youth development initiatives. Let it be clear, Hobson Enterprises is here for the long term to serve this remarkable club from our McKnight community,” promised Mr. Hobson.

“The marriage or partnership between Hobson Enterprises and Garden Hot Spurs was always a reality awaiting its time in destiny. And with the consistency of effort and discussions between myself and the leadership of Spurs over the years, thankfully, we have now succeeded in gaining the opportunity to blend the Hobson Enterprises brand, with the remarkable and well established brand of Spurs,” stated Mr. Hobson.

Members of Hobson Enterprises management and staff (in blue) with Spurs President Dabu Penny after signing ceremony

Hobson said that this is a relationship that was always natural and he explained that Hobson Enterprises has had a long involvement in sport and its sponsorship. “And though most of you would remember our involvement in cricket, let the story be told that HE, Hobson Enterprises, has also been the proud supporter of football and are currently the sponsor of the Westside Ballers, who, as you know, have won the championship in the Village League.

He reminded invited guests that his company was also the first enterprise to step forward to sponsor the popular ZIZ Television program, Action Sports.

It is obvious therefore that Hobson Enterprises has always been an avid supporter of sport. Our move into national football is simply the next mile in our journey of community support and involvement.
President of Spurs, Ras “Dabu” Penny while acknowledging the sponsorship of Hobson Enterprises, praised the shipping company for their generous support. He highlighted their previous sponsorship involvement in football. Penny Promised his club’s new sponsor that they will make good of the financial support and will not only deliver the usual championship trophies, but also badges of success off the field, through the human resource development and enhancement of the skills of its membership.

Also present and making remarks was Mr. Dexter Tyrell, the Manager of the Secretariat of the St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association, SKNFA, directors of Hobson Enterprises and executive members of the Hobson Enterprises Garden Hot Spurs Club.

The press conference took place on Tuesday 23rd April, 2013, at the Garden’s Sporting Complex.

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