Garden Hotspurs Gets Sponsorship

ZIZ News…April 23, 2013 — One of the top football clubs in St. Kitts and Nevis, the Garden Hotspurs, now has a new title sponsor.

Hobson Enterprises came on board by sponsoring the club for this season.

At a ceremony held today, president of the Garden Hotspurs Ras Dabo Penny guaranteed their new sponsor Hobson Enterprises more trophies.

But he says the club’s trophies come in many forms.

“Our trophies will be the youths that we get to save from going down the deviant path within our area because our area has plagued with such. And we use the football as a deterrent from youths going out of line.”

Managing Director of Hobson Enterprises, Damian Hobson says their sponsorship includes a new washing machine for the club.

“We are initially providing over $16,000 in support. From this amount is in immediate cash disbursement but we also provide over five thousand dollars for a washing machine that is much needed to help the club in the difficult and costly task of washing and preparing the team uniforms on a weekly basis.”

Hobson Enterprises also pledged to help the club with future fund raising activities to help improve the standard of the Garden Hotspurs.

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