Gender Equality Issues the Focus of 2nd Annual Women’s Self-Empowerment Workshop

Charlestown, Nevis, March 09, 2022 (Nevis Island Administration) – More than twenty women from across Nevis are now more enlightened and equipped to handle gender equality issues in their workplaces and communities, having attended the 2nd Annual Women’s Self-empowerment Workshop on Tuesday, March 08, 2022.

The workshop, hosted by Ms. Latoya Jones, Special Advisor in the Premier’s Ministry, was held on International Women’s Day and shared the theme for 2022, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.

During the opening ceremony, Ms. Jones noted that this year’s workshop was geared toward women who worked in various professions, especially those employed in jobs that traditionally have been predominately male. These included police officers, security personnel and public servants.

“This workshop was implemented to be the voice of women in our country. A workshop geared toward educating, uplifting and furthering the development of women from all spectrums, especially those that are often disenfranchised.

“It is imperative that we as women continue to let our presence be felt and our voices be heard…let us continue to highlight and address the issues and concerns that are affecting us as women. Only through fighting for what we believe in can we create the change that is necessary to further our advancement, thus creating a sustainable future,” she said.

Sociologist and Author, Dr. Linda Carty was the main facilitator of the session. She said topics included but were not limited to- Gender Equality/Gender Inequality and Sustainability; Gender Equality in the Work Place; Women Empowering Themselves and Celebrating Each Other; Financial Literacy and Sustainability; Women and “Interpersonal Love” Relationships; Women’s Health Care; Women’s Self-Care; and Moving Forward: Strategies for Addressing Power and Bias in the Workplace. 

Premier Hon. Mark Brantley, Senior Minister of Health and Gender Affairs in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) delivered remarks and encouraged the women to be happy for each other’s successes and be a source of support to other women.

“I want you to leave here with renewed pep in your step, a renewed commitment to yourselves, to your girl children, to other women and to each other. Don’t be quick to join those who are willing to drag down and cry down somebody else. Support each other and treat these engagements as important times to build relationships among those who are here and Dr. Carty who can offer advice and has a wealth of information, and with [the other officials] that you can use them to support each other   

“If we are to shape the type of Nevis and type of society that we want and that we desire, workshops like these are absolutely critical. I thank again Ms. Latoya Jones, Special Advisor; I thank again Dr. Linda Carty for bringing her wealth of experience and expertise to bear and I encourage you as they have encouraged you to imbibe what you have learned in the workshop, to take it out to your families and communities and implement ideas that would have come forth,” he advised. 

Ms. Latoya Jeffers, Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Gender Affairs, brought remarks on behalf of Junior Minister Hon. Hazel Brandy Williams. She imparted words of wisdom and encouragement to the group of women. 

“Do not compare yourselves to others. When we are busy trying to be like somebody else we are losing ourselves. Invest in yourself, love yourself, take some time out for you. There is nothing wrong with celebrating you. Lift up each other, encourage, compliment, do not tear down. Sometimes someone just needs to hear that one kind word to brighten their day.”

The interactive workshop saw the participants dialoguing with the facilitators and each other, and sharing life experiences with respect to gender equality, equal work for equal pay, managing finances, and the different kinds of abuse encountered in relationships.


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