Geothermal Energy worth pursuing

(ZIZ)– Minister of Energy, The Hon Dr Earl Asim Martin has outlined the benefits of pursuing geothermal energy as the Federation continues its push to become a “green nation”.

He told ZIZ news that although the Federation is looking into solar and wind energy, he is particularly supportive of geothermal energy due to its consistent nature.

“Yes we are looking at wind, we’re looking at solar energy, but those are facts that depend on the sun and the wind that we have no control over.  But with geothermal we tend to have a constant base load,” he said.

Martin said this consistency is why many countries are so enthusiastic to pursue geothermal energy.

He said Permanent Secretaries from various ministries have been communicating with other countries that are pursuing geothermal energy to find out how the Federation can speed up the project here.

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