‘Ghost’ Phillip attributes longevity to strong family support

Minister Glenn Phillip (left) looks on as Anne Wigley presents a fruit basket to Allan Davis. On the right is Davis’ daughter Mary Dias.

St. Kitts (April 26, 2010) — Minister of Youth Empowerment and Sports, Glenn Phillip, is attributing longevity among the country’s senior citizens to hard work during their lifetime and strong family support upon their retirement.

Minister Phillip made the remarks on Saturday at Half Way Tree as he wished one of his constituents, Allan Davis, advance birthday wishes. Mr Davis who was at that time surrounded by some of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, turned 93 on Sunday April 25, 2010.

“This milestone has been a testament to what he has done,” said Phillip. “He is a man who has worked hard and also he has strong family support now that he is retired and I think this has really helped him to survive this long.

“It is also a testament to the longevity and of his personal lifestyle over the years and is really fruitful for anyone to make such a milestone. I would like to say publicly congratulations to Mr Davis and his achievement.”

Accompanying Minister Phillip in paying homage to the celebrant was the supervisor of Social Services, Anne Wigley, who also talked of strong family support as a positive ingredient and expressed thanks to Mr Davis’ daughter Mary Dias, who had left her job to take fulltime care of her father.

“Mr Davis to me is looking better than when I saw him last year,” remarked Wigley. “By the help of God he is really doing well and I am made to understand that his daughter Mary Dias has decided to look after him. I think she is not working now, just to make sure he is taken care of, which I always admire about people because we want more of that in St. Kitts to care for their elderly.”

Anne Wigley presented Mr Davis with a fruit basket on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Social Development, Community, and Gender Affairs and Culture and wished him all the best and continued healthy life for him to “make the big century.”

Mr Davis, who expressed thanks to those who came to wish him well, has five children, 23 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. The supervisor of Social Services also thanked Minister Phillip, the area representative and members of the community for having turned up to encourage Mr Davis.

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