Giant Malt Cricket Competition Underway

The Annual Giant Malt Cricket Competition was scheduled to be officially opened on Thursday 3rd April, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. at the Dining Room, Warner Park Cricket Stadium with the first Round of Matches commencing at various venues on Friday 4th April, 2014.

The competition is organized by the Department of Sports and sponsored by the Carib Brewery St.Kitts-Nevis Ltd.

Fixtures are now circulated after all teams have been indicated their participation.

Carib Breweries Sponsored Giant Malt High Schools and College Cricket Competition, 2014.

Qualification of Players:

(a)  Any present Student of the school or college

(b) A player can play for one (1) year after leaving school or college

(c) All players must be under nineteen (19) years of age on 1st September 2014.

(d) If school is not participating eligible players based on age will be allowed to play for another School team once registered.

(e) The competition for this year shall be in zones consisting of four (4) school teams. The TOP TWO teams from each zone advance to the finals.

  1. Starting date:  Friday 4th April, 2014.
  1. Limited overs match as follows:

-Preliminaries and semi-finals thirty five (35) overs per team.

-Maximum seven (7) overs per bowlers.

-Finals fifty (50) overs A-side, overs will be adjusted to accommodate the fifty (50) overs

-The thirty (35) overs should be completed in 2 hours and 20 minutes including two five minutes water break. Where time expires and overs completed the fielding team will receive the same overs at the two (2) hours and twenty (20) minutes cut off point.

-The game must be completed in one day, if it is not possible for twelve (12) overs a side to be completed, the game will be declared no result.

-At the instant of delivery, a minimum of four (4) fielders plus the wicket keeper must be within the thirty (30) yards circle. In the event of an infringement, the square leg umpire no-ball.

-At any time during the match no more than five (5) fielders should be on the leg or on side.

-For the first 10 overs, no more than two (2) players can be outside of the 30 yards circle after that period, no more than four players ALLOWED.

– In addition the power plays and free hit for the front foot no-ball will apply as follows.

In the event of a tie the following shall apply:

  1. The side taken the greater number of wickets shall be the winner.
  2. IF both teams lost the same number of wickets or if both team are all out the team with the highest scoring rate after twelve (12) overs is the winner.
  3. In the event of a two (2) way tie for position, the winner of the game played between the two teams will decide the winner.

D.  The Venues for matches are but not limited to:

-Preliminary round- Either Sandy Point, Conaree, Molineaux, E. T. Willet Park and Verchilds.

-Semi-finals- Either Conaree, Molineaux and E. T. Willet Park

-Finals- Warner Park Cricket Stadium, Basseterre.

Matches are schedules to be played but not limited to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Points System:

Win — 12 points   Rain out or tie—2 points     Lost—No Point.

Participating Schools & College:

A. Charles E. Mills Secondary School

B. Washington Archibald High

C. Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College

D. Charlestown Secondary

E. Gingerland Secondary

F. Basseterre High

G. Cayon High

  1. Saddlers Secondary School

Player’s and Team’s incentives:

  1. First position Trophy & Medals
  1. Second Position Trophy & Medals
  2. Third Position Trophy & Medals
  3. Best Wicket Keeper
  4. Batsman with most runs
  5. Bowler with most wickets
  6. Best bowling figures
  7. Highest individual score
  8. Player of the match for each game
  9. Most Discipline School
  10. Player of the final
  11. Tournament MVP
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