Giant Malt Primary School League on the Way

Sports coordinator Carl Tuckett

ZIZ Sports…Nov 7, 2011 – The 2011 Giant Malt sponsored Primary School Football League got on the way on Friday 4th November at the Bath Village Playing field. There was a brief but impressive ceremony to commence the league. Mrs. Lydia Claxton commenced the proceedings with prayer. The ceremony was chaired by Mrs. Govanie Manners-Hendrickson who warmly welcomed the officials, teams and spectators present.

Sports Coordinator within the Ministry of Sports, Carl Tuckett, delivered the feature address after apologizing for the absence of the Director of Sports, Mr. Lincoln Barry. He centered his address to the young Footballers on three key elements for success: Team Spirit, Fair Play and a Positive Attitude. He referred to the game of Football as the ‘School Of Life’ and noted that the Ministry of Sports will continue to support the youngsters in any form of positive development.

Giant Malt representative Noah Mills also delivered remarks and started by praising Sports Coordinator within the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Lydia Thompson—Claxton for her sterling contribution over the years in coordinating the event. He also indicated that it is because of people like her why his company continues to sponsor such events.

He lauded the young Footballers on their impressive outfits as he pointed out that in his day as a Primary School Footballer, he was not privileged to have access to such impressive looking uniforms.

He however challenged them to take the game seriously and to ensure that one or more of them become international Football stars, as no one from Nevis has done so as yet.

He also singled out Tiana Mills, the lone female present at that time, for special praise. He then declared the league officially open.

Chief coordinator of the event, Mrs. Lydia Thompson Claxton then delivered the vote of thanks and wished all of the teams every success in the competition.

Children at opening ceremony

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