Golden lemon restoration project

ZIZ News—31st July, 2013–A massive reconstruction and recovery project is now happening at the iconic golden lemon hotel in Dieppe Bay.

The famous golden lemon hotel is in the process of getting a makeover after years of being abandoned.

The initial clean up started last Monday and can take up to 3 weeks, according to Phillip Walwyn, manager restoration and recovery

He states: “We’re shipping out tons of garbage and we’re gonna clean up the whole place and we’ll clean up the beach and keep all this whole area nice and hopefully we can make a big contribution to the village”

Right now the workmen and women are concentrating on one section called lemon grove which houses condominiums and pools.

Then they will branch out to the lemon court and the main building.

Walwyn says by the 3rd or fourth week, the plumbers, electricians and carpenters will come in.

He also stated: “All the plumbing and all the wiring everything is gone and when these were built 30 years ago so you expect some of it to be down anyway but the problem is its been more or less abandoned or 2-3-4 years now so everything is gone to pieces”

Last week the prime minister officially announced Kittitian Hill bought the famous hotel.

The new owners are going to rebuild the hotel with golden lemon’s founder, Arthur Leaman’s image.

They expect it to be open by the 2014-2015 tourist seasons.

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