Government Appoints New Labour Advisory Board

PM Tilman Thomas

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, MAY 16, 2012 — The Grenada government has appointed a new Labour Advisory Board on the recommendation of Minister for Labour, Social Security and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Hon. Glynis Roberts.

The new Board, which will be chaired by the Labour Commissioner, includes a former Labour Commissioner, Robert Robinson and the Solicitor General representing the government; Sen. Chester Humphrey, Elliott Bishop and Lydon Lewis, representing the Grenada Trades Union Council and Michael Graham, Jasmine Alexander and Abel Newton, himself a former Labour Commissioner, representing the Grenada Employers Federation.

The Board will advise the Minister on the formulation and implementation of the national policies on basic conditions of employment, health and safety and welfare of work.

The Board will also promote the collective bargaining process, review the operation and enforcement of the Employment and Labour Relations Act and present proposals for the adoption and amendment of legislation.

“This is integral to our commitment to tripartite engagement. We are aware of the need for engagement of all stakeholders if we are to succeed in maintaining a peaceful and harmonious industrial climate in Grenada,” said Prime Minister Tillman Thomas Wednesday.

The new board will serve a two year term and replaces the previous advisory board, whose two year term expired in October 2011.

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