Government expands Habitat Independence 30 Housing Initiative

ZIZ News — The government has reaffirmed its commitment to the improvement of citizens’ way of life by expanding the original plans for the Independence 30 Habitat Housing Initiative.

At the groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister With Responsibility For Housing, Hon. Dr. Earl Asim Martin said the Independence 30 Habitat Initiative which was initially expected to provide five hundred homes, will now provide one thousand homes.

“I understand that habitat 30 will construct one thousand homes as we move forward. Just this afternoon we had discussions with the honourable prime minister and we took a decision that we will move from five hundred homes for Habitat 30 to one thousand homes. So that will be the new instructions for the National Housing Corporation,” he said.

Constituency representative for St. Christopher #4, Honourable Glenn Phillip, spoke of the ways in which these houses will be the first of its kind in the federation.

“Families will purchase the first homes in the federation that will utilize renewable energy in a sustainable effort to make home ownership and living cost more affordable,” he said.

The Independence 30 Habitat Housing Initiative will be constructed at Stone Fort.

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