Government Has “Nothing to Hide” Says Deputy Pm Hanley While Supporting Debate on the Anti-Corruption Bill, 2023

Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 22, 2023 (SKNIS): The introduction and debate on the Anti-Corruption Bill, 2023, in the Federal Parliament in St. Kitts and Nevis demonstrate that the government has “nothing to hide,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament (MP) for St. Christopher #1, the Honourable Dr. Geoffrey Hanley.

The Bill had its second reading in the National Assembly on February 22, 2023, being moved by Senator and Attorney General, the Honourable Garth Wilkin. The Bill defines and creates criminal offences of corrupt conduct and creates the office of a Special Prosecutor to receive complaints, investigate and prosecute acts of the corrupt conduct of persons in public life in the Federation.

Honourable Dr. Hanley said that the nation was counting on the government to do the right thing.

“The electorate voted for better, and as you can see as a government, we are working overtime to ensure that we do better,” Dr. Hanley stated.

Citing his personal code of conduct over his 28 years as a civil servant, MP Hanley noted that it was heartbreaking to learn of instances of corruption that took place recently over several years.

“As a child of God, I am not going to be a part of any government that will allow those things that I have seen to continue, and as such Madame Speaker, I lend my support to this Bill before us,” said Dr. Hanley. “… Once we commit to this, the country, as a whole will benefit.”

The Anti-Corruption Bill, 2023, comes just seven months after the government was elected in August 2022.

Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Hanley indicated that the introduction of the Anti-Corruption Bill, 2023, is a vital step in the government’s commitment to promoting good governance. He fully endorsed the movement of the Bill through the Parliament.

After vigorous debate, the Anti-Corruption Bill, 2023, was passed in the National Assembly on February 22, 2023.

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