Government satisfied with developments at White Gate

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 26, 2013 (SKNIS): The expanded vision for the development of White Gate has achieved three of the five major benchmarks set, in order to transform the area, extending from Newton Ground to Belle Vue, into an economic hub.

Chief Executive Officer of the Whitegate Development Corporation (WDC) Ellis Hazel outlined the five major initiatives were; the Development of a Marina at Dieppe Bay that facilitates inter-island travel of people and goods; the creation of business incubation sites; the creation of an eco-park around Mount Liamigua; the development of a five star hotel with accompanying golf course and other amenities; and the development of a heritage trail using the existing infrastructure.

Mr. Hazel explained that there have been a number of small businesses that have been formed and supported in the area. Construction of Kittitian Hill, a 400 acre master plan community that offers villas and a golf course, is well underway, and the St. Kitts Scenic Railway offers passengers a unique perspective of the island’s history and scenery via the rail lines used in the past to transport sugar cane from various plantations. Additionally, the mountain area in the region has been included in the Central Forest Reserve which is designated as a protected area.

A number of development projects have also been completed or are under construction at White Gate. These include the Robert L. Bradshaw Memorial Park in St. Pauls, the St. Pauls and Saddlers Sporting Complexes, Beaumont Park Race Track, Capisterre Farm, the Saddlers Secondary School and Newton Ground Day Care Center. A day care facility is also being constructed in St. Pauls and work on an adventure park called Saddle Hill in Saddlers has begun.

At a recent event at White Gate, Prime Minister the Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas stated that Government is encouraged with the developments in the area to date.

“We are satisfied that despite the realities of the global economic recession, the Kittitian Hill development, which is a pioneer project at White Gate, has been progressing smoothly with Phase One scheduled to be completed in November 2013,” he said. “… Government is satisfied that we are continuing to deliver on our promise, that important promise of improving the educational and social infrastructure of the White Gate Community and beyond.”

Prime Minister Douglas encouraged residents to take advantage of the emerging opportunities for commerce in the area and called particularly for young people to utilize mechanisms in place to assist in this regard.

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