Government Secures Sustainability of Major Self Text Investment

SELF Programme Coordinator Donna Bassue

(EMU) – St. Kitts, September 11, 2012: SELF Programme Coordinator Donna Bassue said the transition to a $25 fee for the Text Book Distribution Programme for the 2012- 2013 academic year has been going quite successfully.

“The Government’s investment of $400,000.00 in texts for use in high schools this year is reflective of the importance placed on Education.” Ms. Bassue told the Education Media Unit, revealing that the newpolicy was fully supported by Cabinet and will ensure the programme’ssustainability.

Ms. Bassue expressed her pleasure with the receptiveness of parents who were highly supportive of the new strategy which increases accountability and transparency.

She explained that the $25 fee is per student but that there was a cap of $50 maximum per household if more than two children require SELF books. She added further that Education officials collaborated with the Ministry of Social Development in securing a list of students who are part of the Social Safety Net Programme as well as Foster Children’s Programme and granted exemption from the payment of the fees.

The SELF Programme Coordinator also stated that the fee would not cover the cost of replacement for lost texts books. Additionally the programme has also been expanded to include texts in all subject areas and a main text has now been identified in each subject area. The main text books must be used by the students while supplemental texts books will be given to teachers from which they will share information with students. She said this would significantly cut costs by reducing the requirement of the number of texts books which must be owned by students.

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