Government to help those who want to leave a life of crime

(ZIZ News) — The government has promised to help persons who want to leave the gang life and other antisocial activities.

At Tuesday’s sitting of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Harris said “those who are willing to turn from a life of crime will be helped by the relevant government agencies and nongovernmental community.”

“We offer to help our citizens and residents turn away from criminal activities and the gang culture in particular, and to embark upon a path of reform and redemption. We offer to help them in finding jobs, opportunities for self employment and other constructive engagement but they of course must want to make that positive change and meaningful change,” he said.

The comments came against the backdrop of a recent meeting between the High Command of the Police Force and influential persons within gangs.

Prime Minister Harris thanked individuals and groups in the country who have supported the security forces as they carry out their various functions to enhance public safety.

Dr. Harris also encouraged residents and groups to “step up the level of support” for the security forces and law and order on a whole in St. Kitts and Nevis.

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