Governor General sends Christmas Greetings

EdmundLawrence-1(ZIZ News) — Governor General of St. Kitts and Nevis, Sir Edmund Lawrence, is encouraging citizens of the Federation to be courageous and compassionate this Christmas season.

In his official greeting to the Nation, Sir Edmund said compassion and courage are virtues to be carried throughout the year.

“The Christmas spirit however, is an attitude of life that declines us to show compassion and courage during the Christmas season and throughout the whole year compassion and courage are virtues that endure,” Sir Edmund said as he challenged citizens and residents to celebrate the season with “serenity, sincerity and humility.”

He also called for the Nation to remain patriotic to the country.

“We should resolve to love the land that bore us and seek the good and glory all the time. If we love our native land best, we will also love our fellow countrymen the best [and] we will seek peace and pursue it with them, all of them,” he explained.

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