Grant: Collaboration will be a Hallmark of Unity Gov’t

LindsayGrant-2(ZIZ News)– The Hon. Lindsay Grant has said that close collaboration between government ministries and other organisations, locally, regionally and internationally, will be a hallmark of the government of National Unity.

The Member of Parliament for Constituency Four said cooperation has already begun at the community level to address the needs of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“In Halfway Tree, for example, the persons in that area wanted lights on the playing field for the last four years. They have not had that. And I’ve reached out to Minister Richards in that regard since the playing field has come under his ministry and I’m hoping that we get the lights in the next two to three weeks to deliver to those people. And there are several other areas in my constituency that I had to reach out to other ministers to ensure that the business is done,” he said.

Mr. Grant said this collaboration is essential if the government is to adequately represent the people. He gave his personal commitment to delivering results and said the people who have elected him should hold him accountable for his actions.

“We are here to ensure that we please the people and we get the people’s work done and I want people to hold my feet to the fire and make sure that I do what I say that I’m going to do,” he said.

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