Great Appreciation Expressed for Professional Development Sessions held for Math Specialist Teachers

(EMU) – St. Kitts, April 8, 2013: A spokesperson from The Primary School Math Specialist Advisory Committee has informed the Education Media Unit that a series of workshops for Math Specialist Resource Teachers is proving timely with a high level of interest and appreciation being expressed by participants.

These teachers were selected for special training based on their expertise in the subject of Mathematics and related subjects to assist them in gaining skills to effectively instruct students in the subject area.

The spokesperson revealed that the committee was commissioned in 2012 to address the issue of low performance in Math in schools. “These workshops will help to enhance teachers teaching skills and provide them with methods of concept formation as they teach primary school children.” he said.

The series of workshops which commenced on Tuesday March 26 will conclude on August 29. Topics included are: Steps to concept formation; Creating Teaching Aids and Resources; Testing and Measurement for Effective Instruction; Methods for Meeting Individual Needs as well as Planning for Successful Instruction

Upon completion, the teachers would be expected to share these skills through scheduled weekly planning sessions with classroom teachers in their respective schools. They will also be required to carry out clinical supervision and participate in frequent Ministry sponsored resource planning or brainstorming sessions.

Facilitators for the workshops include Mr. Cleophias Stevens, Mrs. Paula Burke-Tota, Mr. Kenneth Holder (CXC Barbados), Ms. Michelle Phillip, Mr. Osmond Petty, Mrs. Joycelyn Pennyfeather, Ms. Lynda Moving and Mr. Stanley Knight.

Several of the sessions will be conducted by way of video conferencing. This is indicative of the Ministry’s ongoing attempts to maximize resources as well as to be financially responsible.

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