Great expectations and surprises at state of art Culturama launch

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis (July 18, 2010) – This year’s Culturama Festival will be launched on Thursday, July 22 through a series of entertainment activities that will take place from 3.00 p.m until Friday morning according to Livi Liburd, Chair Culturama Festival launch sub-committee.

Pan on the streets conducted by Nevis Pan Ensemble will usher in the entertainment hype at 3.00 p.m. at the Arthur Evelyn Building. Also listed to showcase their talents at the same venue are DJ’s competing till 6.00 p.m for the inaugural Best DJ title. During the DJ show’s intermissions, school based drummers will make showcase their skills and talents.

At 6.00 p.m, the official Culturama Launch programme will commence at the Charlestown Pier. Six Miss Culture Queen and eight Miss Swimwear contestants will arrive in style on a boat for the state of art launch.

Ten Junior Calypso competition which has attracted 10 contestants will be part of the Culturama Festival official launch programme. Culturama Festival Secretariat Executive Director, Antonio Liburd, said in a statement that the Junior Calypso competition was separated from the Talented Youth programme as it would take too long for both events to be held the same night.

Guest musicians at the Junior Calypso show are Ryhana and EK.

Oualie Rhythms Band and Star Band will set the mood for Reggae Socca Splash after the Junior Calypso show while the Ultra Sonics band will set the stage for dance hall, rap and socca. Local artists will be featured during the all night entertainment event.

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