Greater Police-Community Cooperation Needed

(ZIZ)– The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force is again calling for cooperation between its officers and members of the community.

Speaking on Thursday with ZIZ News, Police Press and Public Relations Officer Inspector Lyndon David said that families, like the police, have a part to play in crime fighting.

“If you know you have family members and friends who are involved in these criminal activities, don’t remain silent. You can report it through crime stoppers or to a police. You know who they are and we would go and investigate and if we find the necessary evidence, we can take those persons to court.”

Inspector David then outlined why it is important to report crime to the police.

“If persons know of persons who are committing these acts, do not wait until they become a victim, do it now because we know that the police cannot do it alone. It takes the entire community in St. Kitts and Nevis to be involved in these crime fighting initiatives that we, the royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force, is pushing to make sure our country is much safer for residents and visitors alike to enjoy their peaceful voyage in society,” he explained.

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