Greek PM says IMF has ‘criminal responsibility’ for country’s crisis

Athens, Greece (AFP) — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras charged Tuesday the International Monetary Fund had “criminal responsibility” for Greece’s debt crisis and called on the country’s European creditors to assess the IMF’s policies.

“The time has come for the IMF’s proposals to be judged not just by us but especially by Europe,” Tsipras told his parliamentary group, two days after the failure of debt talks with the IMF and the European Union brought Greece closer to a possible default.

“The IMF has criminal responsibility for today’s situation.” he said.

Acrimonious talks over the past five months have seen the Fund insist on further cuts to Greece’s pension system and a rise in value-added tax on basic goods, like electricity, which Athens says will only deepen hardships for ordinary Greeks.

“Right now, what dominates is the IMF’s harsh views on tough measures, and Europe’s on denying any discussion over debt viability,” Tsipras said.

“The fixation on cuts… is most likely part of a political plan… to humiliate an entire people that has suffered in the past five years through no fault of its own,” the 40-year-old premier added.

“The time has come for the IMF’s proposals to be judged in public.. .by Europe,” he told the MPs of his radical left Syriza party.

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