Green dominates at Lyn Jeffers School

ZIZ Sports…Feb 21 2012 — There was quite a show of support at the Ramsbury grounds by parents, siblings and members of the general public, as the Lyn Jeffers School held its annual Sports meet. The meet was held on Friday 17th February.

As the two houses faced off on the big day, the Yellow house team would have been fully aware that they were only trailing their Green house opponents by a mere 9 points at the end of their heats events. However, the Green house team was also acutely aware of this fact and immediately set about distancing themselves from the outset.

The older athletes pitted their skills in the 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 meters events, with the little ones engaging in the usual fun races which included socks and shoes, potato races and the like.. At the end of the day, the Green house team amassed another 393 points to yellow house’s 211. The star athletes in the Primary and Secondary sections of the school were also determined. Here are the final statistics:

Heat Sports Total

Green 337 393 730

Yellow 328 211 539

Victor ludorum Primary Dylan Theron 20
Secondary Dylan Daniel 26

Victrix ludorum Secondary Keelia English 30
Primary Tarana Kacker 24
Jasmine Hoffman 24

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