Green Sparrows—Heats Champions at St. Thomas’ Primary

The St. Thomas’ Primary School, joint Inter Primary champions with the Charlestown Primary School, held its cross country events on Friday 21st February 2014.

The road runs were the final series of events prior to the grand annual sports day which is set for March 5th at the school grounds.

The support by the parents and other family members was tremendous.

When the dust settled the top placers were as follows:

Infant Girls

Nyashia Williams—Green

Tnieka Jeffers—Orange

Emily Samaroo-Blue

Daynicia Browne-Blue

Infant boys—record—5:34:00

J’tari Griffin-Green—new recorsd—5:26:27

Adrian Williams-orange

Isaiah Saddler-Blue

Aner Palmer-Orange

Dekijah Dore- 

Infants’ scores

Orange Eagles-46

Blue Hawks-43

Green Sparrows-48

Junior Girls

Oriana Wilkinson—Green

N’Khalya Griffin-Green

VJ Henry –Blue

Dequanda Moving-Orange

Tarihanna Maynard—Blue

Junior Boys

Gemar Rawlins-Orange

Tahmarley Wilkinson—Blue

Zaquon Challenger-Blue

Leshawn Weekes—Blue

Kail Dowe-Green

Juniors Scores

Blue Hawks-103

Green Sparrows—100

Orange Eagles-80

Senior Girls

Shania Jeffers-Green

Brianne Chapman-Green

Astra Simon-Orange

Isheniah Saddler-Green

Diquandra Williams –Green

Senior Boys

Shamar Stapleton-Green

Seamus O’Flaherty-Orange

Delandre Tyson—Green

Kyan Bussue-Green

Clyje Browne-Blue

Seniors scores

Green Sparrows—154

Orange Eagles—119

Blue Hawks-107 

Final Heats Scores

Green Sparrows-801

Blue Hawks-744

Orange Eagles—728

Green Sparrows are the Heats champions for 2014

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