Green Valley League Reaches Final Four

FootballFilePhotoB(Sports Page) Despite a checkered fixture the Green Valley league is into its final four. Last weekend it was down to three teams vying for the final two slots and also a battle to improve seeding.

Youths assured themselves of the number 1 seed when they defeated Water works 4-1. They ended the regular season with an impressive record, undefeated with only a draw against Pub to denting their perfect record.

Little Loxs made a huge jump by first tying with Pub (1-1) then got rid of Radicals to leap frog Waterworks. The latter was coasting in the #3 slot until those turn of events. Pub’s draw with Little Lox did nothing to their status as they stayed in the number 2 seed.

The semi final, which is a knock out phase, starts today (Wednesday) with Pub getting a rematch against Little Loxs. The other semi final will allow Waterworks to seek revenge against Youths on Thursday.

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