Gregory Shillingford was unanimously reinstated as President of LICA

Pres. of LICA Gregory Shillingford

ZIZ Sports…Jan 4, 2012 – Vice President of the Nevis Cricket Association, Errol Somersall was the lone representative from the Nevis Cricket Association at the annual general meeting of the Leeward Islands Cricket Association (LICA). The meeting was held in Montserrat at the Tropical Suites hotel.

According to Somersall, the meeting was held under amicable circumstances and the main agenda item was the general elections to determine certain key positions within the organization. After much discussion and at the completion of the voting process, long serving President of LICA, Gregory Shillingford was unanimously reinstated as President of LICA. His new Vice President by general consensus is Benjamin Hughes of Anguilla.

Enoch Lewis has been returned as the WICB—(West Indies Cricket Board) representative.

Somersall noted that the Board made certain plans in terms of the forward movement of cricket within the Leeward Islands. These include more concerted efforts to attract meaningful sponsorship for cricket within the islands, being fully aware of the fact that only NAGICO has assisted in this regards, in recent times.

Another big venture is a proposed meeting of all of the Ministers responsible for Sports within the Leeward Islands, along with LICA and the intention is for specific plans to be formalized at this meeting in terms of the future of cricket within the islands.

The meeting is proposed for sometime in March, in St. Kitts.

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