Grenadian authorities crack down on alcohol, drug use at school functions

St George’s, Grenada (CMC) – Grenadian authorities were clamping down on the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages at school functions amid reports that students were concealing them in bottles which carry other labels.

In addition, the authorities said they were also unconfirmed reports that drugs, including marijuana, were being placed in candy-like items such as cakes.

Officials of the Drug Control Secretariat urged students to be vigilant and refrain from such practices, particularly as schools throughout the island were staging their annual track and field competitions.

They said the sale and distribution of alcohol and alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, hemp, controlled drugs, or any mood-altering substances at any school function, including athletic meetings, was a violation of the National Schools’ Policy on Drugs and reminded vendors also that the sale of alcoholic drinks to minors was an offence under the Liquor Dealers’ Licenses, CAP 174, of Grenada.

“The consumption of alcoholic beverages is detrimental to the health and performance of all persons, including athletes, with research showing overwhelmingly that alcohol use and athleticism do not go hand in hand”.

The officials warned that alcohol can cause severe dehydration and staggering electrolyte imbalances. “Dehydration can also lead to severe brain impairment and even death when coupled with extreme temperatures and intense practices. Athletes that are dehydrated are at greater risk for injuries including: cramps, muscle pulls and muscle strains.”

Drug Control Officer Dave Alexander, said alcohol will also impair reaction time and mental readiness for up to several days after consumption.

“The delayed reaction time and reduced mental acuity is of severe consequence to the athlete,” he said, adding that alcohol could cause nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness for a number of days after consumption.

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