Haemodialysis Unit Opens at Joseph N. France General Hospital

ZIZ News, September 9, 2013—Kidney care in St. Kitts gets a boost with a new Haemodialysis Unit at the JNF General Hospital.

A ceremony was held Friday morning to officially open the new unit.

Health and other government officials were on hand for the ceremony to launch the new Haemodialysis Unit at the JNF General Hospital.

In Hemodialysis, blood leaves the body, gets filtered by a machine called a dialyzer, and then returns to the body.

Minister of health the Hon Marcella Liburd said this is part of the government’s overall plan to boost health care, specifically for chronic diseases.

Minister Liburd said “I believe that when we started administering peritoneal dialysis back in 2003 that it was envisioned that the day would come when you introduce haemodialysis as part of our commitment to further enhancing chronic disease management “

Prime minister the right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas said this new unit would make it easier for locals by eliminating the need to travel abroad for treatment.

The Haemodialysis Unit is jointly funded by the government and the Pierott Medical Group from Guadeloupe.

Its mission is to promote optimum well-being of patients with acute or chronic kidney disease or end stage renal disease.

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