Hands on Career Fair

ZIZ News…21st May 2013 — Staff at the Saddlers Secondary School took a different approach to helping their students choose their future careers.

As ZIZ Channel 5’s Kilony Johnson tells us, this involved a more hands on approach — a change from the tradition career fairs.

Instead of inviting different business professionals to come and set up information booths at the school, the staff of the Saddlers Secondary School decided to take the students to the different businesses.

The school’s guidance counselor, Clifford Pemberton says they believe the students would learn more this way.

One group of students were taken to the St Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation where scientists carry out important research on Monkeys; another group was taken to Public Works Department and the third to the Agriculture Department.

Pemberton explains the reason for choosing these three different institutions.

Meanwhile, supervisor at the Research Department of the St Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation, Xavier Morton says he was quite impressed with high enthusiasm expressed by the students.

This career field trip was organized by the school’s principal, Adiana Richards.

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