Hardtimes creates the upset of the season

The biggest upset yet for the local Football season being hosted by the Nevis Football Association, occurred on the evening of Sunday 19th January.

Contrary to the previous report released on the double header, it was not Brand SLYBO Stoney Grove Strikers winning over Hardtimes with a scoreline of 4 goals to 2 but Hardtimes winning over Brand SLYBO Stoney Grove Strikers 4 goals to 2.

What makes the win even more impressive and incredible is the fact that the Hard Times team has been the whipping boys for the other teams all season but on the night, shocked the Stoney Grove men with their high degree of energy, skill and determination and eventually won the game 4 goals to 2.

For Hardtimes, Denrick Liburd and Sean Hanley both scored two goals each and for the Stoney Grove Strikers, Errol MARLEY Newton struck twice as well.

Next game

CCC Bath united vs Brantley Bronx united Tuesday 21 Jan at 7pm.

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