Harley Bikers tour St. Kitts

ZIZ News — Residents of St Kitts got a treat today when a group of Harley Davidson Bikers rode around the island, occasionally checking out the different tourist attractions.

It’s usually something we here in St Kitts only see on television; a group of Harley Davidson Bikers riding out together.

But for the past seven years, eta motorcycle cruises have brought that scene right here to St Kitts as bikers ride around the island, taking in the sights before stopping at Carambola.

President of eta motorcycle cruises, Steve Wallach explains that the island of St Kitts and the local tourism sector in particular benefits greatly from these excursions.

He says over the years, the bikers themselves have fallen in love with the island of St Kitts.

Wallach says those who enjoy the sights of Harley Davidson Motorcycles riding around will be in for even more treats later this year.

According to Wallach, a next group of Harley Davidson Bikers will be visiting St Kitts on January 24.

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