Harris Leading Unity

ZIZ News–September 27 2013–Former Government Minister Dr Timothy Harris has been announced as the leader for the new Unity Party.

The announcement came at a joint political party at Greenlands Park last night.

Leader of the federal opposition, Hon Mark Brantley officially announced Dr Harris’ new role.

Harris said it’s time to put the needs of the people ahead of any political differences.

Harris also announced the Hon Mark Brantley and Hon Shawn Richards as Co-Deputy Leaders.

Earlier this year Harris was fired as a Minister of Government following his repeated opposition to the Government-backed land for debt swap.

This was followed by the resignation of the Hon Sam Condor. Both men went on to form the people’s LABOUR Party.

The PLP, along with the People’s Action Movement (PAM) and the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) then came together to form the coalition or what is now called team Unity.

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