Heavy rains could bring an increase in the risk of Dengue Fever

Dr. Martin

ZIZ News…October 16, 2012 — The Ministry of Health wishes to advise the general public that with heavy rainfall there is an increased risk of an upsurge in Dengue Fever because of heightened mosquito activity.

According to the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Patrick Martin, the Aedes Egypti mosquito which carries dengue viruses breeds inside and around homes. All containers – pots, pans, cans, plastic and glass bottles, Styrofoam containers, tyres, buckets, coconut shells, etc – must either be completely drained of water or securely bagged for disposal. There must be zero tolerance for littering.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever include fever, muscle and joint pains, pain behind the eyes, and in complicated cases, dehydration and bleeding – a true medical emergency. Persons with complications must seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room.

For relief of pain and fever, Paracetamol is a safe choice. Aspirin and Ibuprofen must not be used. Additional medical advice can be obtained from community health centres and private medical practices.

The Environmental Health Departments on both islands will continue to carry out their mosquito reduction work plans. However, the cooperation of residents is absolutely essential for the success of prevention activities.

Travelers to countries reporting increased dengue activity should take precautions such as wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants, applying topical mosquito repellents, and staying indoors during the dawn and dusk hours.

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