Hector says 2014 was a year of failure for CCM

HonRobeltoHectorHeadshotA(ZIZ News) — Candidate for the Nevis Reformation Party [NRP], Hon. Robelto Hector, has described 2014 as a year of failure for the governing Concerned Citizens Movement [CCM] on Nevis.

Speaking during a radio interview on Tuesday morning, Hector listed a number of projects that he said failed as a result of what he describes as poor leadership.

“In 2014, the present NIA’s incompetence had reached its highest point, the zenith, the aerie as some might say. We witnessed the continued victimization of persons in low paying jobs, we saw the failure of the Nevis Island Administration to meet even its monthly wage and of course, a blame game began. We saw in 2014, and we ought not to forget, an unusual sale of 10 acres of land to an Iraqi citizen and the funds were directed to the account of a senior minister in the NIA,” he said.

Hector said the Ministries of Health and Agriculture also suffered significant blows with projects being halted. He said that those projects would have diversified the economy in Nevis.

“We had to address and we are still addressing the issue of the Dialysis Unit at the hospital. We would realise that the Fisheries Complex, the Orthopaedic and Cosmetology Centre, the oil storage facility that we offered as alternatives for the people of Nevis, they have all been stopped,” he said.

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