Heightened police presence during Carnival/Christmas Season

(ZIZ News) — Commissioner of Police, Ian Queeley says the public can expect heightened police presence throughout the Carnival/Christmas season in efforts to combat crime.

He made the statement during a brief interview with ZIZ earlier this week.

“You will see heightened presence especially in areas where we anticipate trouble is more likely to occur. We are also fortunate at this point in time because we are the beneficiaries of some added manpower in the form of persons from the Regional Security System (RSS)”, he stated.

The Police Commissioner said after completing the recently concluded Section Leaders Course, officers from the Regional Security System will remain to further assist the security forces.

“They’re here because the Section Leaders Course where they had 6 weeks of training her in St. Kitts was completed on the weekend and some of them are staying on. The majority of the course will remain to assist with the crime fighting efforts”, Commissioner said.

He assured the public that all officers would be available and well prepared for duty during the usually busy season.

“We know Christmas and Carnival time is a very hectic time for the Police and all other officers involved in Law Enforcement. We have prepared ourselves and all officers will be available for duty. All vacation leave was cut and so all persons are back out to duty” Queeley explained.

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