Help For Cayon Farmers

(ZIZ News) — Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number 8, the Hon. Eugene Hamilton has promised to increase assistance for Cayon farmers.

During a town hall meeting at the Cayon Community Centre, Minister Hamilton said it had come to his attention that over the years, members of the Farmers’ Cooperative were not given a fair share of supplies distributed by the government.

“I know of people in another parts the constituency in St. Peters who get bags of feed for feeding pigs and they don’t have any pigs. I know that. And they sell them, you know, because, what they get them for? They sell them. So this is one of the things that we will stop and we will make sure that everybody gets a fair share,” he said.

Over the past two weeks, Minister Hamilton met with residents at community centres across the constituency to update them on the work he had done so far, outline plans for community development and address their concerns.

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