Help for Old Road Community Centre

LindsayGrant-8(ZIZ News) — Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number 4, the Hon. Lindsay Grant has promised his constituency that help will be coming soon to repair the Old Road Community Centre.

During a recent town hall meeting, Grant told Old Road residents that the community centre is in bad shape and something needs to be done.

“It’s suffering under the effects of mould right now and wood lice are eating out the whole thing. In fact, the library you speak about is infested with wood lice. And I can’t imagine we’d have a building deteriorating in front of everybody’s eyes and nobody’s doing anything about it. Because if you don’t pay any attention to it you’re gonna have a bigger problem on your hands. The roof is gonna go and then everything will go. So we’re gonna have to deal with that matter very, very, very, very quickly,” he said.

He said that while the recent repainting has improved the outer appearance, the interior is in serious need of repair.

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