Highlights says Thanks to Sponsors

Sports Page — The Highlights Int Football team paid a very significant visit to their sponsors, SL Horsfords Ltd on Friday 23rd May.

The purpose of the visit was to say thanks to the sponsors for their kind sponsorship throughout the years and to officially hand over the trophies won during the local Football league which concluded earlier in the year.

Manager of the team, RAS IROY, indicated that the renowned institution had been sponsoring his team since 2007 and expressed gratitude on behalf of the players and the management team.

He then handed over two trophies to the Horsfords Nevis representatives, at the Nevis Center, Manager Oscar Walters and Mrs. Browne. One trophy represented the team’s victory in the league and he was quick to point out that they did not lose a single game and the other was the trophy representing victory in the final four as overall champions. He also presented the revolving cup, which has to be returned to the Nevis Football Association at the end of the year.

He told the Horsfords team that the display window area was virtually filled with trophies from previous winnings and indicated that they needed to make more space as there will be more to come.

Coach of the team, Kirthly Browne, also thanked the Horsfords management team for their kind sponsorship and stated that they won all their games ‘playing against 14 players,’ hinting that his team also had to play against the three officials in each game and indicated: ‘Ah know they not gonna like this but we will continue to win.’

Manager at the Horsfords Nevis Center, Oscar Walters, opined that his institution’s sponsorship may even extend beyond 2007, as they would have sponsored the team before they got organized as a club. He congratulated the team on their current structure as a club and also congratulated the individual players who won significant awards during the league. He also promised his company’s continued commitment to the club and wished them success in their future endeavours.

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