Historic launching of the work sensitization programme at Saddlers Secondary School

Student at TDC

ZIZ News…Dec 4, 2012 — The Guidance Counsellor of the Saddlers’ Secondary School, Mr. Clifford Pemberton joins with the principal and staff in embracing the historic launch of the school’s first work sensitization initiative.

Mr. Pemberton believes that this programme has a threefold objective: It will give our fourth formers an early introduction into the world of work by practising Standard English in real life situation, which is a recent regional concern. And the students will accumulate longer and better quality work experience through reflective learning.

Pemberton also stated that it can also function as a catalyst to students learning and interest in the lower forms.

The School wishes to thank all stake holders for their co-operation stating that further details of these activities may be heard, seen and known at the next PTA meeting.

Students at Customs Students at Hospital
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