Hitters cuts down Fig Tree to book spot in SKABA finals

Marlon ‘Jah Love’ Powell for Hitters scored 24 points in Game 3

(Monday 26th September 2011 Contributed by Tamara O’Flaherty – Four Premier and Eight A Division Teams started the SKABA 2011 Playoffs on Sunday 18th September. The Premier championship will be decided by Seeds’ 1 through 4 competing in a best of three match-up with the top 2 teams contending for the coveted National Championship and a years’ worth of bragging rights. In the A Division 8 teams contend to win their title with the opportunity of advancement to the elite Premier division.

On Sunday 18th September we saw the Fig Tree Dirt Reveller, 2011 regular season champs and #1 seed take on the 2010 National Champions Rams Hitters in the first of a possible three games in the Premier Playoffs. The game ended with Hitters striking the first blow 81 – 62, a 19 point deficit for Fig Tree. Top scorers for Hitters and Fig Tree were Tyron Hutchinson 15 points and Devon ‘Spread Out’ Farrell 20 points respectively. Game one proved to be an exciting match leaving spectators wondering if game to would end Fig Tree’s run or would they come back fighting. Hitters Junior Guard, Tyrone ‘Fluffy’ Hutchinson was asked about his feeling on the win and his attitude towards game 2. “Well from playing game 1 I felt we had already won the series because of the 19 points we won by, so I felt very confident about winning game 2.”

Game 2 was held on Thursday 22nd September. It was a very exciting game as was win or go home for the team from the west Fig Tree. Both teams lead scorers amassed 24 points each, Devon ‘Spread Out’ Farrell for Fig Tree and Marlon ‘Jah Love’ Powell for Hitters.

The game ended with 87 to 82 in favour of Fig Tree. It seemed the confidence Hitters displayed in game 1 left them as they struggled to attain the win and send Fig Tree packing. Anthony ‘Jabal’ Joseph of Hitters was instrumental in keeping the fighting spirit in his team; however mistakes and missed opportunities proved too much which resulted in the loss and set the stage for a do or die game three.

An epic Game 3 took place on Sunday 25th September, with the final score in favour of last year’s Champions Rams Hitters 120 – 112. Marlon ‘Jah Love’ Powell for Hitters scored 24 points, followed by Ansel Revan with 16 points, Devon ‘Spread Out’ Farrell aided Fig Tree by accruing 18 points.

In this third game both teams were to be commended for their efforts and the vitality of play they exhibited, there were moments during the game when it seemed tempers flared and both fans and players were surprised with the Officials’ final decisions. Anthony ‘Jabal’ Jospeh, Tyrone ‘Fluffy’ Hutchinson, David ‘Soco’ Dowell and Sylvester ‘Buzz’ Whyte for Hitters were sent to the bench for foul violations as well as Kemo ‘Shasta’ Duncan, Devin ‘ Jigga’ Warner and Greamy Browne for Fig Tree.

The stands were alit with fans cheering for their respective teams as Fig Tree seemed too dominant all 4 quarters, but the Rams Hitters were not to be counted out as they took charge of the game in the last 4 minutes to claim their spot in the 2011 Finals. They currently await the winners of the Ghaut Bucs and Ghetto Roots semifinal series.

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