Hollywood wins first Kaiso Crown

ZIZ NEWSROOM, BASSETERRE, ST.KITTS, July 31, 2011 – Hollywood is now the new king of calypso on Nevis, after winning the 2011 Culturama TDC Senior Kaiso crown on Friday night.

The veteran calypsonian pulled out his best performances coupled with some catchy songs to take the kaiso crown.

King Hollywood scored a whopping 845 points out of a possible 1000.

In his first appearance, Hollywood caught the crowd and judges attention with his song “Hungry”.

He then came back with an even stronger performance the second time around, this time performing his song “Free Tickets.”

Both performances earned him enough points to take home his first senior kaiso crown.

Second place went I-Soursop whose songs “HIV/AIDS, Our Worst Nightmare” and “Emancipation” earned him 783 points.

Finishing in third place one point behind I-Soursop with 782 points is last year’s winner Astro who sang his songs “Me Nevis Face” and “Signs”.

The other calypsonians were Dis n Dat singing “Women” and “What Lies”, Alamoulou with “Without Trust” and “Ring Garden”, Baker with “Nothing Wrong Wid Dat” and “Ocracy”, Nutsie with “Mother Earth Crying” and “No Retreat” and Pupa Wheeler singing “The Power in You” and “Fowl in De Box at Cox.”

Culturama activities continue on Sunday with the Miss Culture Queen Pageant.

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