Hon Hamilton praises PM Harris as he thanks electorate for choosingTeam Unity

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, January 20, 2020 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Area Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher Eight, and Minister of Human Settlements the Hon Eugene Hamilton, has praised the leadership of Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris and noted that the people elected a government which makes decisions that improve the quality of life.

Minister Hamilton made the remarks on Friday January 17 at a house-allocation ceremony held in Phillips Village presided over by Prime Minister Harris, where 17 new homeowners received keys to houses, which are part National Housing Corporation’s Unity Housing Solution, in Bellevue, Tabernacle, Christchurch, Phillips, and Lodge Project

“It warms my heart just to know that ordinary people can own land with good sea view – getting all the breeze… it warms my heart that poor people can now own land in this country,” said the Hon Hamilton. “Today, when we deliver to each person a home on a land such as this, consider it a hand-up. Consider it a major investment, giving you an opportunity to own property on prime land.”

According to the Hon Hamilton, who is also the Minister of Agriculture, Health, National Insurance, Community Development, Gender Affairs and Social Services, building those houses was one of the important decisions by the government they elected, one that makes decisions that improve the quality of life of all the people.

Team Unity Administration wants everybody to climb to the top by putting down a ladder for them to climb the rungs, the minister observed. A house built by the National Housing Corporation, he opined, is one of the rungs on the ladder being offered to people to climb, saying when they climb up they will value what the own better.

“Today we are led in a coalition by one of the brightest persons, Dr Timothy Harris,” said Minister Hamilton. “Dr Harris leads a coalition of three parties, the Peoples Labour Party (PLP), the People’s Action Movement (PAM), and the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM). They are led by three gentlemen who are thinkers, who have great imagination, who have plans that can benefit and will improve the quality of life of the citizens in this country.”

The three parties have replaced partisan politics with a group of individuals who understand that their own personal agenda is less than the agenda of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis and they came together and formed a government that would deliver for every man, woman and child in the country.

Minister Hamilton also thanked the Hon Shawn Richards, National Political Leader of PAM, and the Hon Mark Brantley, Political Leader of the CCM for their leadership as well. The three leaders, Dr Harris, Mr Richards and Mr Brantley are firm believers that the country is bigger than man – that the country is bigger than all of them.

“The aspirations of our people – what our people deserve are far greater than all individuals… country first,” said Minister Hamilton. “That is what we all say. We must live it the same way we say it.”

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