Hon. Ian Liburd speaks about good governance

(ZIZ News) — Good governance was a topic of discussion for representative for Constituency #1 Hon. Ian Liburd during Tuesday’s town hall meeting at the Newtown Community Centre.

Minister Liburd said good governance is more than Integrity in Public Life and Freedom of Information and Public Accounts Committees.

“Good governance my family is a people to people movement. It is a vibrant interaction between the people; between structures, between processes that support the exercise of a legitimate authority. It’s about people and we are here to account to you the people. That is what good governance is all about,” he said.

He noted that good governance plays a major role in the success of any government.

“Good governance my family, has become the yardstick by which the success of nations and the quality of governments are being measured. On the other hand, bad governance is the yardstick by which the failure of governments is measured,” he noted.

The good governance and accountability for prosperity town hall meetings continue on Tuesday February 14th in Challengers Village.

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