Hon. Lindsay F.P. Grant, Minister of Tourism, Interview on WFXT-TV Boston

BASSETERRE (7th May, 2021): This past weekend the Hon. Lindsay F.P. Grant, Minister of Tourism, Transport and Ports was on WFXT-TV’s Around Town airing in Boston.

Host Brittany Everett and Minister Grant discussed what makes the island special, from the historic Brimstone Hill Fortress to the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton in Nevis, the Five-Day Getaway promotion and also the current travel requirements.

During the interview video footage of the island showcased local sights such as Timothy Hill and Sand Bank Bay.

Boston is one of our top 4 source markets in the U.S. and is a primary feeder market for the American Airlines flight out of Miami as well as the Delta flight out of Atlanta.

The interview segment first aired on Saturday and re-aired twice more on Sunday with 109,000 viewers tuning in over the weekend. The segment was also shared to the Around Town Facebook page which boasts over 8,500 followers who are dedicated viewers of the show.

This partnership is part of a strategic plan to raise brand awareness through broadcast TV news integrations in target U.S. markets which are seeing increased travel demand as a result of increased vaccination roll out. Viewers in these markets are being called to take advantage of the ongoing Five-Day Getaway promotion available for travel through September 5, 2021.

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