Hon. Robelto Hector defends Boundaries Commission, says Nevis was Properly Engaged

RobeltoHector-3(ZIZ News) — As the boundaries saga continues, the Hon. Robelto Hector of the Nevis Reformation Party [NRP], is clearing the air and affirming that political parties on Nevis were engaged in the restructuring process.

During an appearance on “Good Morning St. Kitts and Nevis,” Hector said Boundaries Commission Chairman Peter Jenkins, and his team met with the Concerned Citizens Movement and the NRP.

“There were a number of meetings. I sat in a meeting, the NRP and the CCM, to look at methods…and what I recognised, both parties needed to find a common ground but I thought the issue of consultation and even speaking with us when Mr. Jenkins and the other one came to speak with the party, a lot of people don’t know you know, there was an official meeting between CCM and Mr. Jenkins. There was. There was a meeting. They would not tell you that. We sat down and let me tell you, it was the boundaries before this set of boundaries. We sat down,” he said.

Hector said Nevis’ Premier, Hon. Vance Amory, who was a Boundaries Commission member, had always been in favour of boundary changes but sought to skew the changes in his favour. He added that the Hon. Mark Brantley also bragged about changing electoral boundaries to suit his political agenda.

“Mr. Amory who sits on the Commission, boy he had a kind of thing there where he wanted the change to include Cox to go up to Gingerland but Church Ground should come down. I recognise, wherever you are sitting…he had a line that he draw from hermitage and he say bring it straight down the road and I’m sitting there and I’m like ‘but wait, this is what’s going to happen to us?’ not only that, in 2009 I think, Mark Brantley was laughing on the political platform. My stronghold, Hamilton, they were willing to put that over in Patrice constituency and he was laughing about that,” Hector said.

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