Hon. Shawn Richards Calls For Patience

(ZIZ News) Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Five, Hon. Shawn Richards is asking residents of Sandy Point to be patient as he continues to work in their best interest.

Speaking at a town hall meeting this week, Minister Richards said while he has been able to assist some of his constituents, it is impossible to assist everyone at once.

“Let me say at this particular time that some things are easier to accomplish than other things. There are some things which are more doable immediately than other things and I want all of us to be cognizant of that. I emphasize that because I know that there are some persons who expect some things to change overnight but that isn’t the reality and government, fortunately or unfortunately does not work like that,” he said.

On the issue of employment, Minister Richards assured residents of his commitment to helping them become employed.

“I recognise that here in the community, you have some persons still unemployed, looking for jobs and I am working as best and as hard as possible to help those persons to find employment. Some persons I’ve been able to satisfy their needs thus far, some other persons, I’m asking you to be patient,” he said.

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