Hon. Shawn Richards wants a Cohesive Approach to Governance

ShawnRichards-13(ZIZ News) — “It has been a real busy and challenging period but I am up to the task and with your support, the task will be completed,” were the words of Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Five, Hon. Shawn Richards who spoke to a room filled with constituents at a town hall meeting in Sandy Point.

Minister Richards called on his constituents to offer suggestions on how their area can be further developed.

He also said he wants a cohesive approach to development.

“I do not have all of the answers. I know that there has been, particularly when it comes to Sandy Point, there are a number of things that people would like to see done in the community but I await your suggestions. I want it to be a collaborative effort, not as the representative for this constituency I am the one dictating what is to be done in the community,” the minister stated.

“The community is about all of us and I am looking forward for input from all of us,” he said.

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