Horse racing gets the green light

Head table at Horse race meeting

ZIZ Sports…April 26, 2010 – A very important meeting was held at the Red Cross Building on the evening of Saturday 24th April. This meeting pertained to the sport of Horse racing.

One of the major issues dealt with was whether or not the persons present were interested in seeing the sport go forward. To a man, everyone present voted for the continuation of the sport on the island. In plotting the way forward there was some healthy and lively discussions.

Another burning issue pertained to whether or not St.Kitts should play the lead role in the promotion of the sport. It was candidly pointed out that St.Kitts and Beaumont Park to be more specific, must play the lead role, as the Jockeys, stewards, announcers and other key players are shared between event venues on both islands. The major difference is that most of the significant players on Nevis are volunteers, while on the other hand, persons engaged in the Beaumont park fixtures, are paid for their services.

It was recognized that the last time that Nevis had an elected executive to run the sport, was three years ago when Mr. John Guilbert was the President of the august body. Since then, the hard working Emmanuel Jeffers has headed an interim committee that has hosted quite a number race meets.

A decision was taken that the persons present and other interested individuals will meet again on Saturday May 22nd at 4pm when an executive to guide the future of the sport on the island, will be formally elected.

All interested persons are invited to this very important meeting.

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