House fire in Cayon disrupts the normal flow of traffic

House Fire in Cayon

ZIZ News…May 31 2011 – A house fire in Cayon just after nine on Monday night threatened neighbouring houses and disrupted the flow of traffic on the main road for over an hour as the Fire and Rescue Services battled the blaze.

The fire was located on the main road in an abandoned house to the south of the National Bank Teller machine.

The Fire and Rescue services responded in quick time supported by the police and a crew from the Electricity Department who turned off the electricity for a short while as the Fire and Rescue Services brought the fire under control.

A house on the other side of the road had to be protected from the flames which went quite a distance in the air followed by a huge plume of smoke.

The traffic with a long line of vehicles backed up on both ends of the main road causing some inconvenience to Bus drivers and other road users.

The cause of the fire is unknown and investigations are ongoing.

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