How Dance Feeds the Body and Mind


ZIZ News…July 6, 2010 – A local dance tutor is encouraging parents to enroll children in dance classes at an early age.

Heidi Slack, director of the Fireflies Dance Company says dance can give children more than just a physical workout.

“They learn how to work in teams. They learn mathematical skills. You’d be surprised! They have to learn a count of 8 and then do a count of sixteen, and then understand that half of 16 is eight and half of 8 is four and all of that stuff. Also it’s a confidence booster. They have to perform in front of one another before they go onstage so it’s all about confidence,” she said.

Fireflies held their first major concert at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium on Sunday.

Miss Slack said she was very happy with the hard work all of the children put in.

“I don’t think people understand how many hours kids have to practice just to perfect a two to three minute dance piece. They worked really hard and I think the hard work really paid off. It was wonderful,” she said.

Fireflies caters for children aged 3 to 9.

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