Hulda Lawrence School of Music presents exciting 31st Pianoforte Exhibition

Kayla Farrel confidently presents A F Gedike’s “Miniature in D Minor”.

By Denville L. Vaughan

Basseterre, July 18, 2012–Parents, former students and other patrons of the Lawrence School of Music were offered a musical treat on Tuesday night (July 10) when the school, under the tutelage and direction of Lady Hulda Lawrence, presented its 31st annual pianoforte exhibition at the St. George’s Anglican Church.

The evening’s affair was hosted by Mr. Naren Maynard who is at present an undergraduate student of the University of Great Falls, Kalispell, Montana, USA and an active youth of the St. Paul’s Anglican Church and its young people organisation. The St. Paul’s Anglican Church is the recipient of the proceeds from this year’s pianoforte concert.

The event was also attended by Governor General, H.E. Sir Cuthbert Sebastian and the resident Taiwanese Ambassador Miguel Tsoa and Mrs. Tsao and other members of the diplomatic and consular corp.

The pieces selected for the evening were drawn from a wide range of classical and contemporary pieces; from the rhythmic to the contemplative, from gospel standards to those which would beautifully fit the relaxing ambiance of a cabaret.

In eight segments, twenty -two star pupils rendered piano solos and one piano duet that captured the attended of the near capacity attendance. Each rendition was worthy of highest commendation, which reflected positively on the training that is offered at the Lawrence School of Music.

The first segment saw Rohan Edmead present Kozeluch’s ‘Cossak Air’ in its rhythmic yet moving simplicity, Jamoy Tyson play the meditatively contemplative piece ‘In Church’ and Darien Maynard reproduce ‘Volga Boat Song’ in a flowing, yet sombre manner.

Section two was filled with the piano solo recitals of Everette Esdaille who confidently presented Dettersdorf’s ‘English Dance in A’, Tyra Pemberton who gave an entertaining presentation of Haughton’s ‘Stroll On and Hardai Baley’s delivery of Bach’s ‘Air’ which was noteworthy her effortless precision.

Students present group vocal rendition with Dr. Louisa Lawrence on piano.

Part three was magnificently presented by Baggio Grant who played with sure fingers Thompson’s ‘Prelude’, by Lacrissa Richardson who finger flowed with exuberance of a virtuoso to reproduce Thiman’s ‘Flood Time’ and by Alkronous Bridgewater who expertly produced the change keys and repeats of Burgmuller’s ‘Ballade’.

The fourth segment began with Arnelle Williams playing the light-moving ‘Gavotta’ by James Hook. This piece was followed by the brisk romantic tones of Burgmuller’s ‘Inquietude’, expertly played by Denaula Laplace.

One of the star features of this segment was Shatrice Whyte’s free flowing delivery of Thompson’s ‘Impromptu. Her masterful delivery helped the listener appreciate the beauty and seemingly extemporaneous nature of the piece.

Following Whyte was the stellar pupil of the night, Christian Nathaniel made gave a passionate rendition of Mozart’s ‘Allegro – First Movement Sonata in D’. Nathaniel’s flawless presentation allowed the audience an opportunity at hearing this piece as Mozart would have desired his work of art to have been experienced.

Section five was opened with the only piano duet of the night where Troy’nia Douglas and Aliyah Bradshaw displayed the precision of partnership in their rendition of Rosa’s ‘Over the Waves’. This was followed by the seamless combination of the 19th Century piece ‘Andantino’ by Franz Liszt and the 2011 chart stopper ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele and Dan Wilson. Bradshaw showed deftness of hand as the audience could not help but burst into singing. The Anglican found new meaning to the ‘ancient and modern’.

It was star pupil, Tama Martin, who followed to transport the audience to the cabaret with Brubeck’s ‘King for a Day’. Her expert playing brought alive the happiness found in the piece and was well received by those present.

Sahir Baley and Devanski Percival completed this section with their commendable solo renditions of Brahms’ ‘The Sandman’ and ‘Baa-ba-doo-bah’, respectively. These performances contrasted each other as Baley presented a soulful yet moving rendition while Percival presented his piece with happy fingers in a rollicking fashion.

Christie Taylor overcame her obvious jitters to commendably perform Daugin’s ‘Gavotte en Rondo’. This rendition was followed by the incomparable Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence on organ, performing Bach’s ‘Toccata in D’. These two items comprised the sixth segment.

Section of audience at the 31st Annual Hulda Lawrence School of Music Pianoforte Concert.

In section seven, Kayla Farrell and Nicole Maynard beautifully presented Gedike’s ‘Miniature in D Minor’ and Mier’s ‘A Story from Long Ago’. Both pieces were presented with a meditative aura.

The final section saw Takoya Slack and Dr. Therese Rawlins present two pieces marked for their militant beats. Slack’s rendition of Grechaninov’s ‘Sad Song’ was marked by her steady maintenance of the Baltic type rhythm. Then Rawlins ended the night with a combination of militant hymns called the ‘Victory Medley’. Her playing moved the audience to join her simple yet wonderful presentation.

The night was punctuated with choral singing by students of Lawrence School of Music along with a pan duet by Tama Martin and Christian Nathaniel and a superb vocal duet by sisters, Fidella Clarke and Tehara Clarke.

Added to this, four of the daughters of the first family of music, Dr. Elizabeth Lawrence, Dr. Taresa Lawrence, Dr. Victoria Lawrence and Dr. Louisa Lawrence contributed of their stellar musical acumen to the success of the evening.

Dr. Elizabeth gave an outstanding vocal presentation of Handel’s “If God be for Us” (Messiah), while Drs. Taresa and Victoria shared wowed those present with a piano and violin duet of Schubert’s “Ave Maria”. Dr. Louisa accompanied the school’s choir in various group songs and rendered a vocal solo in “I will lift up Mine Eyes to the Hills (Psalm 121)”, music composed by Lady Hulda Lawrence.

The night was also punctuated with other original Hulda Lawrence arrangements beautifully sung by the students of the music school. These include another version of “If God be for Us” and the Negro spirituals “Git on Board” and “Steal Away”.

The evening ended with the distribution of certificates and prizes by Mrs. Delnora Baley to the students for commendable performances in pianoforte playing and theory passes, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 8.

Parish Priest of the St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Rev. Fr. Wilfred A. Daniel expressed his thanks and that of the church to the school and the kind donation made and to the patrons of the pianoforte concert for their contribution.

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